Couples Therapy

“You Don’t Love Someone Because They’re Perfect, You Love Them In Spite Of The Fact That They’re Not.” – Jodi Picoult

Whether you have been with your partner for one year or for decades, every relationship encounters difficulties or dissatisfaction. We want to help you build a healthy, loving, and lasting relationship. During couples therapy, you and your partner can work together with a counselor to understand and address the difficulties that are making it harder for you to function and communicate well as partners. When you’re ready to work toward a healthy, thriving relationship, the Grace Psychological Services team is here to help. We offer coupes therapy to improve partner relationships for residents of The Woodlands, Spring, and the Greater Houston and Harris County area as well as other areas both near and far.

Should My Partner & I Consider Couples Therapy?

Partners choose to seek couples therapy for a variety of reasons. It may be a breakdown in communication, loss of intimacy, or struggles with parenting. If you want to work towards a healthier, more fulfilling partnership, couples therapy can help. Some of the reasons couples consider therapy sessions include:

  • You struggle to communicate with your partner
  • You and your partner don’t seem to have anything in common anymore
  • Improve relationships with the in-laws
  • Mismatched parenting philosophies
  • You don’t feel physical or emotional intimacy or connection
  • To repair the wound of betrayal following infidelity

What Happens During Couples therapy?

Couples therapy sessions are usually talk therapy sessions that can be conducted with one or both partners present. We will partner with you to develop a plan that may include one-on-one and couples sessions. During these visits, your counselor will serve as your guide to better understanding your own and you partner’s thoughts, emotions, and needs. Our counselors use evidence-based methods to help couples better understand one another, communicate more effectively, and maintain safe, healthy, satisfying relationships.

First Session

During the initial session, we’ll discuss what brought you into the office, what your goals are, and what expectations you have for the course of your counseling sessions. The counselor will describe some of the techniques and solution-focused methodologies we can use to help you create a joyful relationship with your partner. In addition to a first meeting as a couple, you may also want to schedule individual sessions, so you can talk to the clinician one-on-one about your personal and relational goals.

Ongoing Sessions

Once we’ve partnered with you to establish a plan for your couples therapy, the ongoing sessions should be thought of as problem solving appointments. During these ongoing sessions, we’ll discuss any relationship concerns that arise between visits. Your counselor may give you “homework,” tasks, or goals to complete before your next session. Each appointment can then be focused on discussing progress on your tasks between visits and any conflicts that may have arisen. You should always feel free to ask questions, address concerns, or bring up issues that you consider urgent.

Who Offers Couples Counseling?

On our team, skilled and experienced clinicians will be happy to offer couples counseling to ensure you and your partner lead fulfilling lives.

How do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started working with Grace Psychological Services for couples therapy, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Ms. Eljure’s offers flexible scheduling, and she’ll be happy to work with you and your partner to fit treatment into your daily routine.


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