What We Believe

We believe that mental health is important for happiness and success and we believe that good quality mental health care should be available and accessible to families of all backgrounds. We believe that quality psychological testing leads to the best treatment recommendations and outcomes for adults and children. We believe that all individuals possess valuable strengths. We believe that a child's education is an important part of their life. We believe that children need nurturing and understanding to achieve their full potential. We believe that diversity (cultural/linguistic/gender/neurodiversity) is to be valued.

How We Can Help

We use a best practice approach in a safe, supportive environment in working with our clients and we accept insurance so that our services are more accessible to all of our community members. That is why we were voted Best Psychologist in The Woodlands in 2022 and 2023. If you are in your prime and still seeking answers, we can help. We provide individual therapy and psychological testing for adults to help them live their best life. Our psychologists and therapists have a diverse set of skills, training, and experience in working with adults. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, learning, behavior, or emotional well-being, we can help. Our child and school psychologists have years of experience working with school-aged children and are helpful in obtaining school services for children with difficulties that affect their learning. All of our clinicians are trained in providing affirming care to Autistics and ADHDers.  We provide both teletherapy and telepsychology services. If you want a happier, more fulfilled life for you and your family, we would love to work with you. Call us today!

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Grace Psychological Services is looking for part time and/or full time licensed psychologists and licensed therapists to join our group practice. We are located in the beautiful city of The Woodlands, Texas.


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Who We Are

Dr. Charles Hallmark, PhD

Dr. Charles Hallmark is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology.


Dr. Gracie Reyes-McDonald, PhD

Dr. Gracie Reyes-McDonald is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology with extensive training and experience in the assessment and treatment of children/adolescents of diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Krystal McNutt, PsyD

Dr. Krystal McNutt is a postdoctoral fellow with a degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology. She has extensive training in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults of various cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Allison Grodzki, PsyD

Dr. Grodzki has over 13 years of experience working in mental health, but her passion has always been with assessment. She specializes in the areas of Giftedness, Twice-Exceptionality (2e), ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Processing Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Autism.

Dr. Catherine Abrahamson, PhD

Dr. Abrahamson is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Houston’s APA-accredited School Psychology program.

Blaine Cordova, LPA

Blaine Cordova is a Licensed Psychological Associate (#39578) and Psychometrist at Grace Psychological Services, PLLC, under the supervision of Dr. Reyes-McDonald.

Dr. Anitra Quinn

Trained as a school psychologist, Dr. Anitra Quinn completed her PhD at Mississippi State University (MSU). She also holds a Master of Science degree in School Psychology (MSU) & a Master of Arts in Gerontology from the University of Louisiana, Monroe.

Dr. Latanya Henry-Smith, PhD

Dr. Latanya Henry-Smith is a postdoctoral fellow and School Psychologist (#70713) She has over 8 years of experience providing assessment and therapy to children and adolescents in public schools.

Dr. Jenna Turner, PsyD

Dr. Jenna Turner, PsyD, is a Licensed Psychologist with considerable experience in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults. She specializes in formal psychological assessment related to personality and social/emotional functioning, as well as cognitive and academic functioning.

Dr. Bridgett Tate

Dr. Bridgett Tate is a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist (#pending), with training and experience in assessing and treating children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds.

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