Therapy & Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy FAQs

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please start the process here: https://gracepsychological.com/contact/.

Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

We ask that you upload your insurance card and your driver’s license to the client portal prior to your first session. We also require a credit/debit/HSA/FSA card to keep on file for payment. We will send you an electronic receipt for your payments.

What are therapy sessions like?

Sessions are going to vary depending on your therapist’s approach and your goals. But, to simplify it as much as possible, this is a collaborative relationship. In the first session you will get to know one another and talk about what has brought you into counseling. Moving forward you will be setting goals with your therapist and establishing a plan to reach those goals. Every therapist delivers their services differently so depending on their background and training, they will tailor the sessions to your needs and also what strategies are working for you.

How long do therapy sessions last?

Session length will typically vary from 45-55 minutes. Your first session will likely be longer.

Does online therapy work?

The research evidence shows that online therapy is in fact highly effective when compared to in-person therapy.

How do I cancel my appointment?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You can avoid any fee by sending a secure message through the client portal or calling us at 281-815-0899 and leaving a voicemail with 24 hours notice. You should have received an invite to the portal when you scheduled your first appointment with us.

What do I do if I am having an emergency?

If you feel you are a serious threat to yourself or to someone else, please go to your nearest emergency room.

Testing FAQs

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 281-815-0899.

New Client Appointment Request

Though it may vary based on the referral question(s), most evaluations include:

What does psychological testing include?

1-hour diagnostic interview to get background and history, typically via telehealth
2-8 hours of face-to-face testing (IQ, learning style, executive functions, memory, cognitive processing, and personality)
Several paper-and-pencil or electronic questionnaires & behavioral checklists
1-hour feedback session to discuss results and recommendations, typically via telehealth

Will my insurance cover testing?

Many insurance plans cover testing; however, specific types of testing, such as testing for Specific Learning Disorder or dyslexia, may not be covered. Our billing team will be happy to take your insurance information and verify your benefits & coverage before getting started so that you have a good idea of cost ahead of time. **Please note that we are seeing an increase in insurance refusing to pay for services that they initially said that they would cover. If your insurance denies coverage of your services, you will be responsible for any unpaid portion.**

How much will the evaluation cost?

Cost depends on many factors, including your insurance coverage and – if you’re paying out of pocket – the type of evaluation performed. Before starting the evaluation, we’ll talk with you about all the financial factors in order to get the clearest picture of your eventual bill. Call or email to get more information on cost for testing.
Insurance clients, please be advised that your insurance does not guarantee coverage of services. If your insurance denies coverage of your services, you will be responsible for any unpaid portion.

When will I make payment for evaluation?

If you are paying out of pocket for assessment, 50% of the fee is due at the first testing session. The remainder of the fee is due at the feedback session.

Can I have keep my telehealth appointment if I am outside of the state of Texas at the time of the session?

At this time, our clinicians are not able to see clients who are not physically in the state of Texas at the time of the appointment.

Telehealth FAQs

Telehealth FAQs for Clients

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