Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

When parents of the child tested disagree with the results of special education testing completed by the school district, an Independent Educational Evaluation, at the district’s expense, can be requested to be completed by a competent evaluator not employed by the school district. Further information regarding IEEs can be found here.

Dr. Reyes-McDonald complete Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) in the Houston area. Both are School Psychologists with many years of experience. Their dedication to the well-being of students and their belief in the importance of evaluation for treatment purposes translates into thorough assessment procedures for the completion of IEEs using a best-practice approach. They include school observations as part of the IEEs and provide a comprehensive report of their findings. The report is reviewed with the parent and with school staff. Dr. Reyes-McDonald is available to complete IEEs in Houston and the surrounding areas.


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