Grace Autism & Neurodiversity Center

The Grace Autism & Neurodiversity Center is a group practice of highly-trained and compassionate professionals with many years of experience in working with autistic and ADHDer children and adults. They strive to increase the embracing and celebrating of neurodivergence. They provide neurodiversity-affirming services that help neurodivergent individuals, i.e., dyslexic students, Autistic children and adults as well as children and adults with ADHD, access the maximum potential of their personal strengths and find a like-minded community of other neurodivergent individuals, where quirky and smart is embraced.

If you have a child who enjoys Lego play and is interested in making new friends, check out the Lego Club!

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26010 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite #107
The Woodlands, TX 77380
(281) 815-0899

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